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However, in the midst of the lively Boxing Day matches in the Premier League, there is history that was sacrificed.

There is a carved record and drama that takes place when the Premier League teams compete the day after Christmas. And, for fans, watching the Boxing Day of the Premier League is a Christmas gift that they always want to see on December 26th.

Olly Ricketts, a member of The Trust Project's journalists, wrote that the Premier League season of 1963/1964 had a history not to be missed when discussing Boxing Day. 10 matches which were held the day after Christmas 1963 resulted in 66 goals. The number of goals is the highest in a week in the history of the Premier League.

In that week, the 1961/1962 Premier League champions Ipswich Town were slaughtered by Fulham by a score of 10-1. At the top of the Premier League at the time, Blackburn Rovers fell 8-2 to West Ham and Liverpool, beating Stoke City 6-0.

That week, the game which produced the fewest goals was the Leicester City vs Everton duel, which ended with a score of 2-0. Uniquely, Leicester City fans remain disappointed even though their team won, because the matches they witnessed produced the fewest goals.

Record Goals Set in the Premier League

Era When the English Premier League, renamed the Premier League in the 1992/1993 season, the Boxing Day tradition remained preserved. However, as the development of the soccer industry, the implementation was not carried out simultaneously on December 26 or the day after Christmas. Last season, Boxing Day took place from December 26-27 British time. Meanwhile, speaking of the records created in the Premier League era, there were 2 Boxing Day matches that produced 10 goals, namely the Tottenham vs Reading duel in the 2007/2008 season which ended 6-4, and Arsenal vs Newcastle in the 2012/2013 season with a score of 7-3. These two matches became the Boxing Day matches that produced the most goals in the Premier League era. Meanwhile, the team that recorded the biggest away win in Boxing Day was Manchester United. The Red Devils, who visited the Boundary Park Stadium in the 1993/1994 season, were able to beat host Oldham Athletic with a score of 2-5.